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The Siemers

Coming back around almost two years later is the Siemers! Last time we shot was in the heat of summer and the twins were super shy. This time around was not only an opportunity for some updated family photos, but also a time to commemorate before baby #3 makes their way into their family later this year! The Siemer family are actually our neighbors and it's so fun getting to see the girls grow up and how much their individual personalities shine though!

We met up at French Park in Cincinnati, OH for some gorgeous sunset photos and my goodness did the weather deliver! It was the perfect temperature when we shot and the sun was just gorgeous. I found a really unique spot there that I've never noticed before and it made the perfect location for some fun photos.

Check out some of my favorites below! I love working with families with younger kiddos so if you've been thinking about booking a session, reach out and let's get you taken care of!

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