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The Chambers Family Session | Cincinnati, OH | Samantha Sandy Photo

I've worked with this sweet family for the last couple of years and I get so excited every time we work together! I love being able to catch up with my past couples and seeing how much the kids have changed since the last time we shot together. We met up at East Fork State Park and even though the beach area was technically closed because they were having rowing races during the day, we were super lucky enough to still be able to shoot there!

I LOVE working with kids because of their active imagination, and these two sure didn't disappoint! While Ben was playing with Godzilla and looking for sharks in the lake (how cute), Brayden was digging for fossils on the beach. At the end of the session I asked him if my necklace was a fossil so he held his hand out so confidently and said "Let me see" and inspected it (I mean how freaking adorable haha).

Check out their adorable session!


Focus on the imperfect

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