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Sarah & Justin | Colorado Engagement | Colorado Springs

Justin & Sarah are the entire reason I was able to take my first trip to Colorado. They met working at the Paralympic site in Colorado as interns and transplants to Colorado. We met up at Garden of the Gods and our initial plan was to head up to Catamount Reservoir first for photos and then make our way back to finish at Garden of the Gods, but once we got to the gate they told us we wouldn't be able to head up since they were still on winter hours. No worries! Sarah had a backup location that honestly worked out SO much better and we created absolute magic.

I felt like we were out in Montana on the set of Yellowstone aha. That's how beautiful and open this space was. We had AMAZING views of the surrounding mountains and enjoyed every single moment up there.

Afterwards we hopped over to Garden of the Gods which is a spot that's been on my bucket list and I'm so so so happy that we were able to cross it off my list. Afterwards we hit up this amazing Cantina in Manitou Springs for some of the best margarita's & tacos I've ever had.

Their session was SO dreamy and I can't wait until I can start coming out here on a regular basis!!

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