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Nancy & Tobias | Wedding | Cincinnati, OH

I met Nancy in November of 2021 when she was a bridesmaid for Rachel & Drew's wedding and we hit it off! Once she reached out to me about capturing her big day at the beginning of July and I was instantly hooked when she was describing her vision. Vintage lace, colored glassware & lots of antiques!

Since mine and her weddings were less than a month apart and we were both doing DIY we were also texting each other videos and photos of the different decorations we got and bounced a few ideas off of each other which was so much fun!

Their Story

Nancy & Toby met online and they hit it off pretty instantly! Toby is into mountain biking so he made a huge trip biking from Montana all the way down to New Mexico and while he made his stops he would send Nancy postcards and each postcard started with a letter in all bold so when you put all of the cards next to each other in order they spelled out "Will You Marry Me". When he reached New Mexico Nancy flew out to join him and he proposed down there when she arrived! How cute?!

Their wedding day was nothing short of perfect, intimate and intentional. Everything that was put into their big day was with thought and purpose so needless to say it was spectacular. They had 40 of their closest family members join them at Daniel Drake Park and they celebrated their wedding with a taco bar, the most delicious cookies by Oh Chip! Baking Co. and popsicles by StreetPops

Intimate weddings are some of my favorite because of the intention and thought behind everything chosen to represent your relationship and your vision for your big day and there's nothing like sharing your day with those who mean the most to you.

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