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Kasie + Victor

Where do I even begin with these two cuties? Oh man.. I met Kasie + Victor in 2018 when they were just ENGAGED. I had the privilege of photographing their engagement photos, weddings and now THIS!!

To clarify what "this" is. "This" means that Kasie is pregnant and she wanted to surprise Victor and tell him at a shoot. Kasie had texted me a few weeks ago to warn me that they're trying to get pregnant and that when it does happen she wants to schedule a session with me to tell him! WELL, fast forward 2-3 weeks and I get a text at 9 am on a Friday from her saying "hey!" . I had a feeling so my immediate response was "any news?! 🤩" and here. we. are!

When I tell you we scheduled this quick, I mean we scheduled it QUICK (the next day). We had it all planned out. It was a regular portrait session at Ault Park and we slipped this in towards the end. We used chalkboards and I had them stand back to back so that they can write out their favorite thing about each other. I had Victor turn around and show his first and then it was TIME. When I tell you my hands started SHAKING, I'm not even exaggerating. I was so excited to be a part of this and I was so happy for them! It took him a second for it to click, but once he did, he got the biggest smile on his face and kept saying "really?" before going in for a HUGE hug.

My heart melted

We took a few more photos and then headed to their cute home 12 minutes away to put bandanas on their pups and take some cute family photos with them. MY HEART you guys! It was so hard not posting this earlier, but they finally announced it and I'm so excited!!

I can't wait to see their little family grow and hopefully capture those beautiful moments in their lives. I'm so happy for them and they are going to be amazing parents who have the most wonderful support system.

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