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Easy Way to Show off Engagement Ring in Photos

Your fiancé took the time, picked out the perfect ring, planned the proposal and now you want to show off that ring proudly! Whether that ring is big, small, diamond, gemstone, simple or has lots of accents it doesn't matter, knowing how to pose to show off such a beautiful symbol of your love in photos is important. These are some of my personal favorite ways to show off your engagement ring or even wedding rings on the big day.

Each pose is simple, can be done even when you're not getting professional photos done and is guaranteed to show off your beautiful ring.

Holding your hand out

This is arguably one of the 'cheesier' options but is absolutely perfect for right when you get engaged or even on your wedding day! It's quirky and fun! The key is to hold your hand out father in front of you and have you and your fiancé point at the ring while smiling, looking at one another or even kissing!

The wrap around the arm

This is definitely a super classic pose that plays more on the intimate side of things and can be done standing up, walking or even sitting down! It's one of my personal favorites to do! So many variations!

Holding onto an object

This may sound a little counterintuitive but sometimes holding onto a coffee or a drink during your session helps show off the ring while telling a fun story!

Stacking Hands

This is in a similar category as the wrap around mentioned earlier but this is mostly done while sitting. It shows off both your rings and your fiancés wedding band on the day of and is super relaxed because it allows you two to just chat since your faces are not being photographed. I included a variation where it does not show off the ring at all but a simple hand adjustment to will allow the ring to show.

Placing hand onto partner

This is in align with a classic pose where you place your arm on your partners face, chest, arm or back of head so that the ring shows!

Every wedding ring is unique and special and deserves to be shown with pride and joy. Hopefully these give you some ideas for your engagement photos or just fun ways to show off the bling!

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