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Becky & Jon | Scioto Mile | Columbus, OH Engagement Session

I met up with Becky and John in the beginning of August at Scioto Mile at Bicentennial Park in Columbus, OH to capture their engagement session. It was my first time shooting up in that area so I was thrilled for a fun change of scenery and it drove my creative senses wild with inspiration.

Right before we were supposed to meet up there was a quick rain shower that ran through the area but quickly dried up in the mid-summer heat.

Beautiful architecture and a gorgeous city skyline highlighted the background of Becky & Jon's photos, but the real star of their images is the pure love and joy between them. It's absolutely infectious and when you're around these two you can't help but to feel calm and at ease. Couples like Becky and Jon are my favorite because they have a connection that transcends time.

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