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Aubrey's Senior Session | Longworth Hall Senior Pictures | Cincinnati, OH

I had such a fun time that day with Christy and Aubrey this chilly November afternoon! A huge thanks to Elizabeth for referring them over! We met up at Longworth Hall (which is right by the Bengals stadium) for her senior photos. Longworth hall is SUCH a beautiful space. I've been there once before this to do videography for a charity event, so it was nice getting the chance to go back again for a session.

Her outfits were so. freakin. cute!

Up first is this gorgeous maroon dress! It was so chilly that day, and I give her so much credit braving the cold. I absolutely LOVE the detailing on this dress and the bow on the side. 😍

This next outfit I absolutely adore! 😍 I 110% want this sweater in my own closet!

Are you seeing a recurring theme going on here?


If not it has something to do with her outfits..


Okay.. it's the color! She didn't necessarily plan for everything to be some shade of pink or red, but it ended up that way and she absolutely rocks it!

This next bit is so much fun! Since she's a soccer player, she wanted some photos with her ball. We tried a bunch of different things, and even having her throw the ball towards the camera 😂 (may or may not have been hit lol) !

And onto the final outfit! Aubrey is planning on going to Western Kentucky University to study occupational therapy! She's taking after her wonderful mom who is an OT herself, and I think that's awesome! Aubrey has a very kind soul and it shows! She's going to be wonderful in her future endeavors and a huge congratulations on graduating!

After our session I texted Christy a few sneak peeks and her response made me smile so big from ear to ear.

"Oh my, these are amazing!! Thank you SO much. Aubrey had a blast and felt like a celebrity. It was a bright spot in a kinda crappy senior year!"

That right there is the reason that I love my job! I LOVE having the opportunity to connect with my clients and provide them with an amazing experience. Getting your photo taken doesn't have to be hard, and in fact, this was Aubrey's first time in front of the camera (ya know other than school/sports photos), and absolutely ROCKED IT!!

I mean look how much fun she was having!

I'm so thankful to have been able to be a light in a sea of darkness that was 2020.

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