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Ashley & Zack | Wedding | Hocking Hills

Intimate weddings are becoming more and more popular this year for me and these two truly embodied the beautiful meaning behind celebrating with your loved ones.

Ashley & Zack celebrated their special union with their absolute favorite people in their lives at Hocking Hills in Logan, OH. They each got ready in their own cabins and I met up with them to start the day off with a first look with her dad and from there we headed over to Cedar Falls for their ceremony.

Their ceremony was intimate, special and absolutely perfect for them. They wrote their own vows to each other and surrounded by their closest friends & family they were married in nature.

Ashley & Zack have both lost people who were extremely close to them from a best friend to a sister & grandparents and the ways that they chose to honor those who couldn't be there was beautiful. Ashley had a tattoo with her best friends name, Zack had a tattoo in honor of his sister and a ring from a grandparent.

They had bbq style dinner, a hilarious cake cutting/smash and beautiful first dances as well as a dance with their daughter, Alaina. They partied through the night with their friends & family to close out their wedding celebrations and I'm so thrilled for them.

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