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Katrina and I have known each other for a couple of years so when she reached out to me about photographing her family before their second child came along I was ecstatic! The last time we saw each other was when her first born was still in her belly right before they moved away from the area so it was amazing getting to finally meet him and also her husband.  

We were originally planning to have our session at Eden Park because it had a special meaning to her and Chris, but the weather was unfortunately taking a turn for the worse and we decided to move the session indoors the week of just to be safe. Not only were we blessed with an amazing session we had the most perfect weather that day as well. 

Their son, Jasper, was such a bundle of joy and his outfit was the cutest freaking in in the entire world! I can't wait to document their family now that their daughter is born! 

Studio: Locust.& Vine

Photographer: Sam Sandy Photo

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