Hi! I'm Sam!

I moved to Cincinnati in 2014 in hopes of pursuing an education and career in photography. When I first started photography in 2009, I honestly never pictured myself as a wedding photographer, but all of that changed in 2016 after I shot my first wedding. Now I genuinely can't imagine doing anything else but joining you and your loved ones on such a special day.

When I'm not shooting or editing

you can find me painting, hanging with the hubby, thrifting, line dancing on Tuesdays at Lori's Roadhouse or hanging out with family. I love embracing imperfection and being able to show off how unique everyone is through my work.

I would love to buy you a coffee or beer to talk about your big day.

5 Things About Me:

• I strongly believe that pineapple belongs on pizza

• My music taste is all over the place but I love anything folk, indie or neotraditional

• I love the smell of rain and playing in the rain so let's book a rainy e-sesh!

• Yoga & line dancing are my favorite forms of exercise 

• My favorite thing to do at night is snuggle up with the boo, watch a tv show and snack on sweets.

Photo by: Jen Kruskamp Photo

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Photo by: Jen Kruskamp Photo

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