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Photo by: Kenyatta Davis Photography

Hi, I'm Sam

I am a Cincinnati based wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer, but I love traveling to my clients! 


My journey into photography started at the age of 13 and I quickly fell in love with the ability to make someone comfortable and feel good after having their photo taken.

That ability has stayed with me for over 10 years and is now an integral part in how I photograph weddings and portraits. Capturing the big and little moments in your life whether it's a family session, wedding, or just life in general feeds my soul and makes me happy. 

When I'm not shooting or editing you can find me painting, hanging with the hubby, thrifting, line dancing or hanging out with family.


I love embracing imperfection and being able to show off how unique everyone is through my work. 

5 Things About Me:

• I strongly believe that pineapple belongs on pizza

• My music taste is all over the place but I love anything folk, indie or neotraditional

• I love the smell of rain and playing in the rain so let's book a rainy e-sesh!

• Yoga & line dancing are my favorite forms of exercise 

• My favorite thing to do at night is snuggle up with the boo, watch a tv show and snack on sweets.

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